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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 25 November 2013
Date of Publication: 9 January 2014
Inspection Report published 09 January 2014 PDF | 79.73 KB


Inspection carried out on 25 November 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our visit we met the manager and two other members of staff. We later spoke with a further two members of staff. We also spoke with nine people who used the service and five people who had relatives who used the service.

People told us they shared a good rapport with staff and they treated them with respect and dignity. One person said, "Staff are kind, caring and respectful towards me, they help me to do things and give me privacy to help myself."

People we spoke with said that they and their relatives were involved in planning and agreeing care packages. One person told us, "My relative has a care plan and the service usually come out every six months or so to see if things are still in line with what we need."

Some people told us they were not always happy with the time staff arrived at their home. One person said, "Sometimes they are late and I often get different carers. Overall I’m fairly happy with how they look after me." Another person said, "Lately there have been too many staff changes and the times are not good and don’t always link in with when my relative needs their medication."

Some people we spoke said they would like more interaction with the manager. Other people told us they were satisfied with the service provided.

People told us they felt safe with the staff that visited them. One person told us, "I feel completely safe and comfortable with them.”