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Archived: Park House Community Care Good

The provider of this service changed - see new profile

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 5 May 2017

Care service description

Park House Community Care provides care and support to adults in their own homes. The service is provided to mainly older people and some younger adults and people who have a learning disability. At the time of the inspection there were 24 people receiving support with their personal care. The service provided care and support visits to people in Folkestone, Hythe, the Romney Marsh and surrounding areas. It provided short visits to people as well as covering shifts over a 24 hour period to support people.

Rating at last inspection

At the last inspection, the service was rated Good and Requires Improvement in the 'Safe' domain.

Why we inspected

We carried out an announced comprehensive inspection of this service on 25 January 2016. A breach of legal requirements was found relating to managing risks associated with people’s care and support. After the comprehensive inspection, the provider wrote to us to say what they would do to meet legal requirements in relation to the breach of Regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act Regulated Activities Regulations 2014, Safe care and treatment. We undertook this focused inspection to check that they had followed their plan and to confirm that they now met legal requirements. This report only covers our findings in relation to those requirements. You can read the report from our last comprehensive inspection, by selecting the 'all reports' link for Park House Community Care on our website at

Why the service is rated Good.

People told us they felt safe when they received care and support from Park House Community Care. People and relatives were happy with the care and support people received. One person said “I am extremely lucky, they (staff) are very nice people and considerate. I really appreciate Park House”.

People received their medicines safely and when they should. There were systems in place to ensure medicines were managed safely.

Risks associated with people’s care and support were assessed and staff took steps to keep people safe. Equipment staff used was serviced regularly and monitored to ensure it was safe.

Staff knew how to recognise and respond to abuse. They had received training on how to keep people safe.

Accidents and incidents were very low in number, but were recorded and appropriate action taken to reduce the risk of further occurrences.

People were protected by safe recruitment procedures and had their needs met by sufficient numbers of staff.

Inspection areas



Updated 5 May 2017

The service was safe.

People were given their medicines safely and at the right times.

Risks associated with people�s care and support had been assessed and steps were in place to keep people safe.

People were protected by safe recruitment procedures and there were sufficient numbers of staff to meet people�s care and support needs.



Updated 4 March 2016

The service was effective.

People received care and support from trained and supported staff.

People received care and support from a small team of regular staff who knew people well. Staff encouraged people to make their own decisions and choices.

People were supported to maintain good health. Staff worked with health care professionals, such as community nurses and the mental health team to resolve and improve any health concerns.



Updated 4 March 2016

The service was caring.

People were treated with dignity and respect and staff adopted a very kind and caring approach.

Staff supported people to maintain their independence where possible.

Staff took the time to listen and interact with people so that they received the care and support they needed. People were relaxed in the company of the staff and communicated happily.



Updated 4 March 2016

The service was responsive.

People received personalised care, which was recorded in their care plans and reflected their wishes and preferences.

People felt comfortable if they needed to complain, but did not have any concerns. People had opportunities to provide feedback about the service they received.

People were not socially isolated and felt staff helped to ensure they were not lonely.



Updated 4 March 2016

The service was well-led.

There was an open and positive culture within the service, which was focussed on people. Staff were aware of the provider�s philosophy and vision and this was followed through into their practice.

There were audits and systems in place to monitor the quality of care people received.

Staff worked as a team. There was an established registered manager who was supported by a senior staff team and worked hard to drive improvements.