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Archived: Dovecott Care Home

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 16 March 2011
Date of Publication: 5 May 2011
Inspection Report published 5 May 2011 PDF

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People should be treated with respect, involved in discussions about their care and treatment and able to influence how the service is run (outcome 1)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.
  • Can express their views, so far as they are able to do so, and are involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support.
  • Have their privacy, dignity and independence respected.
  • Have their views and experiences taken into account in the way the service is provided and delivered.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Our review of this service has shown us that people were involved in the decision making about the home and supported to make choices about their care and daily lives as far as they were able to do so.

User experience

The group of people currently using the service have a variety of complex needs and communication difficulties and were not able to tell us directly about their care, however we observed interactions between them and the staff that support them. We found that care staff were very aware of the individual personal and healthcare needs of the people that use the service and supported them to make choices about their care and daily life.

Other evidence

When we inspected the home in March 2010, under the previous regulatory system, we found that up to date information about the service was available to help people make a decision about moving in to the home and that arrangements were in place to ensure that people’s needs were properly assessed and that individual needs of people using the service had been planned prior to their admission to the home.

People living in the home told us that they were consulted about their care and were frequently asked their opinions about life in the home.

North East Lincolnshire CTP visited the home in January 2011 and conducted an audit of the quality of care provided and reviewed how the home had implemented the Dignity in Care Standards. They told us that the home had made satisfactory progress in this area; that they had appointed a dignity champion; that information with regards to the dignity and privacy of people has been displayed within the home and that staff were in the process of making changes to care plans to ensure that personalised information was included.

As part of this assessment we conducted a site visit on 16 March 2011 and reviewed a selection of care records. We found that people had a care needs assessment in place and that some of the assessments and care plans had been personalised and designed to promote the individual needs and wishes of the person involved. The manager showed us a new assessment record and told us that this new format was to be introduced at the home. We reviewed this document and found that it was comprehensive and would prompt staff to record more detailed personalised information relating to the person’s needs in each area.

The manager also told us of another new document that was in development. The document was entitled ‘This is me’ and staff told us that they consulted with individuals and their families to complete the record. We reviewed this document and found that it included information about the person’s past life and preferences and choices on aspects of their daily living.

We observed members of staff interacting with people and saw that this was carried out in a way that promoted choice and dignity. We also observed that people were individual in their style of dress and were well presented. The hairdresser was visiting the home at the time of the site visit and we saw people were enjoying this activity.