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The White House (Curdridge) Limited Outstanding

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 3 February 2012
Date of Publication: 12 March 2012
Inspection Report published 12 March 2012 PDF

People should get safe and appropriate care that meets their needs and supports their rights (outcome 4)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

How this check was done

Our judgement

People experienced effective, safe and appropriate treatment that met their needs. The home had completed and reviewed care plans and risk assessments of people using the service. Overall, we found the White House had met this essential standard.

User experience

People told us that members of staff knew them well, and they always felt confident that their needs would be met. People said they felt looked after, and told us that whenever they felt unwell, they were seen by a doctor. People told us that members of staff took time to chat with them, ask them how they were, and listened to any concerns they had about their health. One person told us: “I am well taken care off here.”

Other evidence

We looked at six records (care plans and risk assessments) which told us how the service ensured people’s needs were met. We found that people had care plans and risk assessments in place and these included their individual health, emotional, social and welfare needs. Where risks had been identified, a specific care plan had been put in place to ensure the person received the support to minimise the risk and remain safe. For example, a recent risk assessment had identified that a person was likely to wander out of her room at night. There were specific instructions for members of staff on how to help and support the person.

We spoke with six members of staff and they were knowledgeable about people’s care plans and risk assessments and gave examples of how they supported people.

The care plans and risks assessments had been developed with either the person receiving the care, or their representatives. We saw that care plans and risks assessments were updated when people’s needs changed. For example, one person’s vision appeared to have deteriorated recently. This was recorded in the care plan and an appointment had been made with the optician to assess whether the person required a new pair of glasses. Records showed that care plans were reviewed monthly by relevant people, in consultation with the individual person or their representatives.

We looked at care plans and found that home responded appropriately when people became unwell. We saw people living at the home were supported to see health care professionals where appropriate. The home employed a GP to hold fortnightly in-house surgery visits. Both GP and a psychiatrist held regular reviews together at the home. Every two weeks they saw all people at the home to ensure their medical and mental health needs were being met. The registered manager told us that this service “provided continuity of care.” Relatives we spoke with told us that they valued this service because the GP and the psychiatrist, working together, had a good understanding of the needs of the people.

During the inspection, we saw that members of staff interacted with people in a friendly and respectful manner. We saw people enjoyed the activities that were being carried out in the various areas throughout the home. There was a daily activity chart at the entrance and at various places throughout the home that identified what activities were going to be delivered during the day. On the day of our inspection, we saw people enjoying various activities including a music session and a quiz programme. The home has plans to open an activities centre staffed by specialist people that will be begin in March 2012. It will be open from 0930 to 1530 every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays.

The home organised regular outings for people. A few years ago, the home purchased a bus that it used to transport people to various activities locally. For example, recently there was a visit to a local park and other local tourist attractions. A visit to the local library and pub was planned for in February. We spoke with three people who told us that they enjoyed these outings.