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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 5, 10 May 2011
Date of Publication: 15 June 2011
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Inspection carried out on 5, 10 May 2011

During a routine inspection

There was evidence that people had been involved in the setting of assessed care plans, confirmed with a relatives comment: "When mum was being assessed we were asked a lot of questions regarding her needs, and we asked a few about the hospice. At a difficult time it was managed with sensitivity, and proved to be a pleasant and very helpful discussion, very informative and helpful�.

During the course of the inspection comments were received from several people using the service, and people visiting at the time. We asked for their comments on the quality of the service and care given. There was a clear appreciation of the openness and opportunity to contribute, one person visiting stated that �I have always found that I can speak to staff at any time, their patience and understanding is so appreciated".

Overall people were satisfied with the care and treatment they were receiving in the hospice; they told us that they were treated with respect and that visitors were made to feel welcome. Those written comments we saw presented a wealth of appreciation for a high standard of care and enhancement of the person�s quality of life.

We met with several people during the day who told us that the quality of the food was generally very good, and the results of a survey which showed a positive appreciation of the catering service. People remarked that they find the environment to be clean and tidy, each indicating their approval of a good standard of cleanliness throughout Katharine House Hospice.

Comments we have received from people using the service, visitors and staff members identified a confident and open relationship, based on mutual trust and respect: "Every member of staff at Katharine House have been wonderful, my main nurse always listen to me, and try to meet my needs", "They have a lot of very good staff, who are always looking after my needs"

We spoke with a number of people using the service and visitors, which demonstrated a readiness for people to express their views as to the quality of their care. The majority of comments were positive, mainly concerning the friendliness of the staff and the high standards of care. Some comments we received: "Katharine House Hospice do a wonderful job and I can only thank them for their care and patience in dealing with my husband", and "Keep doing an excellent and dignified job".