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Archived: Nigel Cardale - 16 Derby Crescent


Inspection carried out on 17 October 2013

During a routine inspection

We found that two people lived at the home for periods as long as eleven and twenty years. During the inspection we were able to observe the experiences of people who used the service. We spoke to the two people who used the service and the staff. People told us that they were happy with their care. One person said, �I like it here, you can come and go pretty much as you please. I can talk to the staff if I need anything�. Another person told us �They are really helpful here. I know they will respond to anything I am not happy about�.

We were able to observe the experiences of people who use the service. We saw that staff treated people with dignity and respect. For instance, people told us �No-one goes into anyone�s room without asking first. The staff are respectful�. We saw that staff communicated well with people and explained everything in a way that could be easily understood. Staff were attentive and interacted well with people. We observed that people were seen to respond positively to the staff. Staff encouraged and supported people to make choices and be independent. On the day of the inspection the people in the service were finalising plans for a trip to Blackpool at the weekend. We observed how they demonstrated choice on what they would do on the trip and where they went.

The manager had carried out a survey of people who use the service, the staff, their carers and relatives and other external visitors. In the survey everyone said that the care at the home was very good, staff were supported and the people using the service felt safe.

We found that people were encouraged and supported to make their own choices and that there was detailed care and support information in place for people using the service.

During the inspection we spoke with both the people who use the service. They told us they could speak to staff about any concerns they may have and that they felt safe.

We found that people who used the service had their care and welfare needs met.

The manager we spoke to told us that the staff were well supported. We saw that they had received regular training and were encouraged to ask for support when needed.

We found that the provider had auditing systems in place which assessed and monitored the quality of the service provided.

Inspection carried out on 18 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We found three people lived at 16 Derby Crescent. People had lived there for between seven and twenty years. People largely led independent lives, supported by care workers who visited the house daily to provide assistance with the tasks associated with running a home.

We spoke with two of the three people who lived at 16 Derby Crescent. People said they were involved in all aspects of their care plus they were happy with everything and they felt well looked after.

People said they were happy with the staff employed by the service and the care they provided. They also said the staff knew them well and how best to help and support them in their everyday life.

People had their comments and complaints listened to and acted upon.