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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 3 February 2012
Date of Publication: 5 April 2012
Inspection Report published 5 April 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 3 February 2012

During a routine inspection

People who use the service told us that staff were very good at respecting their privacy and would knock on doors before entering and check if they wanted to receive visitors. When they needed assistance with such things as bathing they found it a dignified experience. They said that staff would always ask if they needed help and never assume. People told us they were able to make their own choices and decisions and that staff would assist them and encourage them but never make them do anything they didn�t want to.

People said they or their relatives had been able to visit the service to see if it was suitable for them. They said they had been asked about their needs and staff displayed a good awareness of their needs and a knowledge of them as people. They told us there were activities arranged for them at the service which they were encouraged to participate in and visitors were made welcome. They said that when they experienced periods of ill health staff were attentive towards them. Some people told us the heating would often break down and it could get cold but they were provided with heaters for their rooms.

They told us they felt safe living at Forget Me Not Residential Home and that staff were good at responding to call alarms when they needed them. They said that a member of staff could mostly be located when needed and were always able to do what was required of them. They felt there were enough staff but that occasionally staff could have trouble keeping up with the workload. People said that staff appeared competent and were generally friendly and respectful with them and they were content with the way they were treated.

The people we spoke with said they had never had the need to raise a concern, but if they did they would feel confident and comfortable in approaching the manager or proprietor. They told us they were aware of residents� meetings they could attend. Some of the people and visitors we spoke with could also recall completing questionnaires asking for their views on their care and the service.

One person summarised her experience at Forget Me Not Residential Home by saying: �I�m comfortable here. It�s not regimented�. Another person said: �I�m well looked after here and have no complaints about the experience although I�d still rather be in my own home�.