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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 28 November 2011
Date of Publication: 3 January 2012
Inspection Report published 3 January 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 28 November 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke to people who told us that they are involved in planning their care. We heard from people that they are �Involved in as much as I can�.

We looked at people�s individual care plans and where possible checked out the accuracy of these with people. We also spoke to a number of staff about their understanding of how people wanted to be supported, as detailed in their plans.

Based on these discussions and observations during the time we visited, we found these plans to reflect people�s preferences and support needs. One person told us that staff had sat and talked through their plan with them. They said that support was provided in a way that acknowledged their likes and dislikes.

We saw that the care plans were available in an easy to read format with supporting pictures. These pictures related to the information that was in the care plan making it easier to read for everyone.

The understanding of the staff matched to what was written in people�s individual care plans. We spoke to staff and they were able to tell us what people�s likes and dislikes were.

We looked at the visitors� book for the service which had positive comments from other professionals who had visited.

We saw that people gave feedback on the service every week which was positive. This was also signed by the people and could put forward ideas for the next resident meeting.

We also saw that the weekly feedback had supporting pictures and gave an opportunity for everyone to have their say. Overall this was positive and provided a good way to identify any issues.

We saw that the minutes of the resident�s meeting had pictures and was made easy to read. It showed by using pictures, who had spoken in the meeting or shared ideas.

We saw that people were well presented, clean and looked content at the time of our visit.

People said that they �like living here� and that staff were �kind and friendly�. People also told us that the staff �has changed my life, I love it here�.

People told us about the things that they like and said that they have choices open to them. We saw that people�s independency was being encouraged through helping prepare lunch and making hot drinks.

People told us that there are different activities available to them at the home and told us that they �go out constantly every day� and �twenty four seven stuff to do�.

We heard that the people had enjoyed playing the touch screen quiz machine in the pubs and a quiz machine had been purchased for the home. People told us that they enjoyed playing the �Touch screen�.

We heard that people had gone to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and were currently in the middle of their �Around the world in 80 days with food�. People had put countries forward and would have something cooked from that country everyday. We heard that people were involved in making the menus.

We heard from people that after being at the home for under a year they had already had three holidays.

We saw that people were stimulated by staff by playing people�s favourite music and singing along to the song. We also saw staff playing the keyboard and singing with people in a group.

People told us that they that would speak to any of the staff, if they had any problems and that staff have �all the time in the world� when talking people.

People also told us that if they felt uncomfortable with anything then they would speak to any of the staff. People told us that even if they had made mistakes, staff will take them through what happened and not just tell them that it was wrong to do.

People told us about how they are involved in the running of the home to reflect their choices. They told us how redecoration of their rooms was chosen by them and the room was laid out how they wanted.

We saw that positive feedback was given from people during the quarterly satisfaction survey in response to �Do the staff treat you with care and respect�.

People told us that they �feel safe� and that they �like living here�.