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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 10 October 2012
Date of Publication: 24 October 2012
Inspection Report published 24 October 2012 PDF

People should be cared for in a clean environment and protected from the risk of infection (outcome 8)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Providers of services comply with the requirements of regulation 12, with regard to the Code of Practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 10 October 2012, observed how people were being cared for and checked how people were cared for at each stage of their treatment and care. We talked with people who use the service, talked with carers and / or family members, talked with staff and talked with stakeholders.

Our judgement

People were cared for in a clean, hygienic environment.

Reasons for our judgement

Relatives were complimentary about the cleanliness of the home. One relative told us, “The room they eat in and X’s bedroom is immaculate. I have no worries about cleanliness.” Other comments included, “The cleanliness is spot on” and “There’s high standards. X is kept beautifully clean as is her room. There’s never any smells.”

We looked around and observed that all areas including bedrooms and communal areas were clean. In addition, the home had been awarded the top food hygiene rating of 5. Hygiene ratings show how closely the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law. We considered that people were cared for in a clean, hygienic environment.

Staff had access to and used personal protective equipment such as gloves and disposable plastic aprons. This helped to make sure that people and staff were protected against the risk of acquiring an infection.

There were arrangements in place for the disposal of waste. The provider may find it useful to note, that with the exception of the kitchen, bin liners were not placed into individual bin containers because of the identified risk to one person. Although an individual risk assessment had been completed for this person, there was no general risk assessment in place to advise staff on how to manage this risk, for example how to empty and keep the bins clean. We spoke with the manager about this and she informed us that this would be immediately addressed.

Staff told us and training records confirmed that they had completed training in infection control. The manager told us that refresher training was planned for January 2013.There was an infection control policy in place so all staff were clear about what was good practice. The manager and senior carer were the named leads for infection prevention and control. This meant that the service had designated staff members to take responsibility for infection prevention and control. We considered that there were effective systems in place to reduce the risk and spread of infection.

We spoke with three members of staff. They all understood the importance of infection prevention and control and could clearly describe their own roles and responsibilities within this area.