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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 2 January 2013
Date of Publication: 21 March 2013
Inspection Report published 21 March 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 2 January 2013

During a routine inspection

At the time of our inspection 33 people were living in this home.

People told us they enjoyed living in the home and were positive about the care staff and about the food the home provided.

The staff respected people�s choices about their care. When people were unable to make decisions the staff worked with others to assess what was in the person�s best interest.

We saw that peoples care was well planned and delivered. The home responded to people�s changing needs.

People had a good choice of food, which was provided according to their individual needs and preferences.

Cleanliness and hygiene was well managed. Appropriate plans were in place to manage potential outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The service recruited suitable staff by well planned recruitment and induction processes. People in the home were happy with the staff and the more experienced staff felt that new workers were suitable for the duties expected of them.

The service had a complaints policy in place that is accessible to people in the home and to their visitors.