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Maternity care experiences: Becky's story

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Becky, 35, a mother of four girls, talks to CQC about her experiences of maternity care.

When I became pregnant with my youngest daughter, Willow, I was a bit apprehensive about the entire process as it had been ten years since my last pregnancy. I was pleasantly surprised when my community midwife, Lauren, made a home visit for my first appointment. She explained everything to me and made me feel very involved. She even provided me with her mobile number so that I could reach her if I had any questions.

We saw Lauren throughout my pregnancy and she was fantastic. On my last visit with her at 38 weeks, she noticed that I was measuring smaller than my 34 week measure, so she sent me to the hospital for a scan. After discovering that I had low levels on amniotic fluid, I was told that I had to be induced. It was then that we met Emma, our hospital midwife.

The doctors tried to induce me several times unsuccessfully. At that point, I started to panic. Although Emma was working shifts on other wards, she would always check-up on me between shifts and help calm me down. She made me feel like I was the only mum on the ward – and in the world.

When the decision was made to break my waters and put me on a drip, Emma came on shift and stayed with me right through to the delivery – she was actually the one who delivered Willow.

I’ve nominated Emma for the Patient’s Choice Award at my local hospital. I feel that she deserves to be recognised for the outstanding care she gave me. She was always there when I needed her, and she also made sure that I was kept informed throughout my pregnancy.

After leaving the hospital, our community midwife Lauren was back to see me and also gave me fab care. I was apprehensive about breastfeeding, but Lauren made sure that I was had the support I needed before I was discharged.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy with Willow was unique. During the pregnancies of my three eldest girls, I often felt there was a lack of continuity and that I’d been passed around from one midwife to the next. It left me feeling alone.

I think for maternity care services to improve, there needs to be more continuity and joined-up care. I know I got lucky with Lauren and Emma, but I think all mothers should feel that there is someone they can turn to if they need support or have questions.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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