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Because we all care: unpaid carers

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The pandemic has brought new pressures to bear on carers. It's now more important than ever we hear their views.

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Why we want to hear from carers

Unpaid carers are often the ones holding families and communities together. We want to hear about carers' experiences - whether that's their own care or that of their loved one.

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Our research tells us:

  • unpaid carers are more likely to give feedback on health and social care experiences on behalf of loved ones, compared to the general population
  • 67% of unpaid carers have told us they give positive feedback on care on behalf of their loved ones and 54% have given negative feedback on care
  • 58% of carers also said they will be more likely to give positive feedback after the pandemic
  • unpaid carers are more likely to have taken action to improve health and social care (71%) than the rest of the population (44%)

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Watch Rosalie's story on YouTube

Feedback helps make care better

The feedback people give helps health and social care services improve. It can help make care better for everyone.

We use it to keep track of the quality of care services provide. It can help us decide if we need to carry out an inspection or get in touch with the service to find out more.

It's helpful if we can contact you to ask questions or check things. But you can still give feedback anonymously if you want to.

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What to do about poor care

If you or someone you look after experiences poor care, you should contact the service provider.

If you're not happy with their response, there are further steps you can take. The organisation you need to contact to take your complaint further depends on who the provider is.

Find out how you can make a complaint

Our role as the regulator means we do not settle individual complaints ourselves. But we still want you to tell us about it.

Ask Listen Do

NHS England's project Ask Listen Do looks at the experiences of people with a learning disability, autism or both, their families and carers. Nearly 1,300 people replied to their survey about giving feedback, raising concerns and making complaints.

Information for people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers

Compare local services

We publish reports and ratings for every health and social care service in England. They can help you choose the right service - either for you or a loved one.

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Last updated:
21 January 2021