Start your application: ambulance service (provider application form)

Page last updated: 22 July 2023
Organisations we regulate

How to register with us to provide ambulance services.

You need to determine if the vehicles you use are defined as transport services. If you need to register with CQC, when you apply we will need full details about the vehicle(s) you intend to use.

We are unable to process your application if:

  • you do not have a vehicle you intend to use for the regulated activity, or
  • documentary evidence of a lease for the vehicle you intend to use.

This is because the nature of the vehicles used determines the need to register.

You must have all these items ready to include in your application:

Provider application

Use this form to register with CQC as a new provider.

Check if you need to complete and submit any of the additional forms listed here.

You also need to complete this additional form for ambulance services.

Additional form for ambulance services


You may not need to register every ambulance station.

For independent ambulance services, there are two main location rules to consider:

'6'. A regional headquarters from which a national or cross-regional independent ambulance service is managed.

'8'. A place where regulated activities are managed from.

Find out more about 'what is a location'.

More than one location, nominated individual or two partners

The provider application form contains space for details of one location, one nominated individual and two partners.

If you need to include more details, complete the relevant form for each addition as well as the main form.

Additional section about a member of the partnership (docx, 93.40kB)
If your application includes more than two partners, fill in this form for each additional partner.
Additional section 6: Locations and service types (docx, 68.53kB)
If your application includes more than one nominated location, fill in this form for each additional location. 
Additional Nominated Individual (provider) (doc, 97.00kB)
If your application includes more than one nominated individual, fill in this form for each additional nominated individual.

Registered managers

If your application also involves one or more registered managers that have not previously registered with us, they should find out how to apply as a new registered manager.

If your registered manager is already registered with us, they should check which form they need to complete.

Send us the forms

Snippet: send us forms

Are the changes to your service happening within three months of your application?

No: Do not apply if the changes are more than three months ahead. We will return your application to you if you do apply.

Yes: Email:

  • your completed application, including any additional forms that apply to you
  • all the documents we have requested


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