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Provider application: Add a regulated activity

  • Organisations we regulate

Based on the information you have given us so far, these are the forms that you need to complete to add a regulated activity to your registration.

You have told us that the regulated activity will be managed by an existing manager and provided at an existing location.

Tell us about the regulated activity

You will need to complete a separate application for each new regulated activity.

You must not provide any new regulated activities until your application has been approved and your registration has been updated.

Submit your application at least 10 weeks before you plan to start providing any new regulated activity.

Fill in this form:

Do not complete section 6. That section is for new locations.

More than one existing location 

If you want to provide the new regulated activity at more than one existing location, fill in this additional form:

Update your statement of purpose

You must send an updated statement of purpose with your application. This needs to reflect the addition of the new regulated activity and any other changes.

Registered managers

The registered manager at this location will also need to apply to add a regulated activity to their own registration.

More than one nominated individual

If more than one nominated individual is involved in the application, fill in this additional form:

A regulated activity can only have one nominated indvidual.

Get it right first time

Help us to deal with your application more quickly:

  • refer to your Certificate of Registration when completing your forms. Most applications are rejected because the provider or location details are incorrect
  • submit all of the supporting applications at the same time
  • make sure your registered manager submits all of their supporting applications at the same time
  • make sure you send us an updated statement of purpose

Using the Provider Portal can help you to reduce errors. Of applications submitted through the portal, we accept around 90% without errors.

Send us the forms

email completed forms to

Last updated:
11 October 2018