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Nursing care

  • Organisations we regulate

This regulated activity covers nursing care, where it is not part of another regulated activity.

Nursing care means any service provided by a nurse involving either:

  • the provision of care
  • the planning, supervision or delegation of the provision of care, other than any services which, by their nature and the circumstances in which they are provided, do not need to be provided by a nurse

Services that do not need to be registered for this regulated activity

If you provide nursing care as a necessary part of another regulated activity, you do not need to register separately for nursing care. This regulated activity normally covers services that do not constitute treatment.

Most treatment or care carried out by a nurse will involve another regulated activity. For example, health visiting may include vaccination (which will be included in the activity of 'treatment of disease disorder or injury'), or a test that is included in 'diagnostics and screening procedures'. Sexual health advisory services may be carried out by a doctor or other health care professional and are not required to be carried out solely by a nurse. Similarly, smoking cessation services may be carried out by an appropriately trained person and not necessarily by a nurse.


These exemptions apply to the regulated activity of 'nursing care' only. They do not apply to other regulated activities that the nurse may be providing. For example, ‘treatment of disease, disorder or injury’.


The supply of nurses by an employment agency or employment business to another service provider is not a regulated activity. Nurses' agencies providing agency or locum nurses may not have to register. This exemption only applies where the agency is not responsible for directing or supervising the role of the nurse in any way.

Introductory services

Introductory services, through which an individual is put in contact with nurses, from which the individual may select a nurse who he/she will then employ or use, are exempt. This might be, for example, where a nurse is introduced to someone who directs their own care through private funding or a personal budget arrangement. This exemption requires that the provider of the introductory service has no ongoing role in the direction or control of the service that is subsequently provided to the individual. Where a person makes a private arrangement and secures a nurse for his/her own care, under his/her direction, the service provided is exempt even if it did not involve an introductory agency or employment agency. This may include, for example, where an individual uses a personal budget or a self-pay arrangement.

Last updated:
06 February 2019