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Submitting your application

  • Organisations we regulate

As soon as you have:

  • received your green copy of the CQC-countersigned DBS disclosure
  • completed your application
  • received all necessary completed applications to continue registration as a manager under a new provider
  • prepared your statement of purpose
  • ensured your premises are ready're ready to submit to us.

Submit via email

Please use email to submit forms to us whenever possible. Applications submitted by email will receive an email acknowledgement that they have been received.

The maximum size of email we can take is 10mb. If your application comes to more than 10mb, please split it up and label the subject lines in this style:

  • Oxtown Care Limited new provider application 1/3
  • Oxtown Care Limited new provider application 2/3
  • Oxtown Care Limited new provider application 3/3

Submit by post

We prefer submissions by email, but you can send forms by post if you wish. Our address is:

CQC HSCA Registration
Newcastle upon Tyne

Sorry, we are not able to supply a receipt for submissions by post.

4. Next steps

Last updated:
03 May 2019


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