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Final checks and common errors

  • Organisations we regulate

Before you submit your forms to us, we recommend you read the details of the common errors below in order to avoid having your application rejected.

No registered manager application

Unless you’re applying as an individual provider (sole trader) in day-to-day charge of all your regulated activities or an NHS trust, you’ll need to appoint a registered manager. Any new provider forms which aren't submitted with an accompanying manager application will be rejected.

Application to continue registration as a manager under a new provider

If you are registering with us and taking over locations from an existing registered provider, and any of the registered managers wish to continue their registration managing the same type of service and the same regulated activities at the same location(s), you must include all relevant 'applications to continue registration as a manager under a new provider'.

Invalid supporting application

We've received a number of applications from providers where the supporting registered manager form is invalid because the details in the two applications don’t match. Often applications are received where the applicant has inserted their own name instead of the provider’s name.

Incorrect type of application form

Many applications have been returned because the wrong type of application form has been completed.

One of the most common errors we find is from providers who are opening a new location where they'll only offer the regulated activities for which they're currently registered.

In this case, the correct form would be the one to add a location but we often find providers use the add a regulated activity one instead.

If you're unsure of which form you should be using, you can get help using our application form finder.

Missing statement of purpose

All applications, other than those to cancel an entire registration, require a statement of purpose (SoP) to be submitted. If you don't include one, the application will be returned to you.

In order for us to accept your application, you must either have attached a separate SoP or copied it into the relevant section of the application form.

Provider details incomplete

We've received a number of applications where the provider details haven't been completed correctly. Without the full provider details we're unable to process your application, and it will be returned to you.

These details are very important to all new provider applications to ensure your registration is correct. For existing providers, you can find the details you need on your current certificate of registration.

Missing declarations

All application forms must have the Data Protection Act statement and application declaration signed and dated. The date entered needs to be when the application form is completed/submitted.

Please note: On new partnership applications, all the partners are required to sign the application declaration.

Location details incomplete

We receive a number of applications where the location details haven't been completed. In order for us to accept your application, location details are required so we can identify if the location is already registered under the provider.

If not, we need to know if any accompanying supporting application for the managers for the locations have been submitted.

3. Submitting your application

Last updated:
03 May 2019


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