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To begin the process, click on 'Start your application now' at the bottom of this page.

This will take you to the new provider registration system where you can set up an account and complete your application. You will need to supply us with an email address.

Once we have your email address we will send you a link to the login page and a password.

Once you log in to the system with these details you will see the ‘Status’ page. Because you haven’t started an application yet the page will show definitions of the different stages of the process, but no details. Click 'Start application' to begin.

You will be asked to select which legal entity you are from the list of individual, partnership or organisation. There follows a page of guidance tailored to your legal entity and explaining which documents you will be required to upload.

You will be asked to accept our data protection statement and will then be able to start your application.

The application is in eight steps:

  1. Who – You will be asked for details of yourself, your partnership or organisation, including financial details. If it is a partnership, you must give details of the partners.
  2. What – you must select the registered activities you are going to provide from a list.
  3. Where – You must give us details of the location(s) where services are to be provided. This is also the section where you give details of any registered managers involved in your application.
  4. When – You must enter details of when you plan to begin providing the service described in the application.
  5. How – You will be asked to provide details of how you are going to ensure the services you will provide will be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.
  6. Documents – You will be required to upload the following documents:
    • statement of purpose
    • your quality management policy/procedures document
    • your safeguarding policy and procedures document
    • your planning permission document
    • your building regulation document
    • your registration manager supporting evidence document
    • your governance document

    The documents you upload must be smaller than 1000KB (1MB) and in one of the following formats - Word doc, Word docx or PDF. Just changing the file name extension to one of the acceptable formats will NOT work (e.g. changing filename.rtf to filename.pdf). If the document you wish to upload is not in one of the three accepted formats, then you must use the appropriate software to convert it.

  7. Review – You have the opportunity to review every part of your application. If necessary, you can go back to any section of the application and amend it using the links provided.
  8. Declaration – The key people named in the application must electronically sign it.

Subsidiary forms

If your application includes partner(s) or registered manager(s), the final, Declaration, page will show an button with the text ‘Invite partners and registered managers’. Clicking this will send out invitation emails to the partner(s) and/or registered manager(s), using the details you gave us early in the form.

Each partner or registered manager will then have to log in to the system and complete and submit their own application form. The system will automatically detect when all of the required partner and/or registered manager applications have been completed, and will then submit the entire application to CQC.

If your application does not include either partners or registered managers, the Declaration will show a ‘Submit’ button. Clicking this will submit your application to CQC.

Once an application is submitted, you will see a confirmation page showing the reference number of your application. You should make a record of this.

Status page

You can return to your application at any time. When you log in you will automatically be taken to the ‘Status page’ where you will be able to see the status of your application and of any associated partner and registered manager applications.

Once your application is fully submitted, you will be able to view a PDF copy of any applications you personally have submitted from the ‘Status page’.

Start your application now

Last updated:
29 April 2019


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