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When we receive the completed application, it will be processed in two stages:

  • Initial validation
  • The registration team


We will check the main application and any associated registered manager or partner applications for incorrect or incomplete information (we call this process ‘validation’). We will usually complete validation of your application within five working days of receiving it. We will send you a confirmation email once this process is complete.

If we are unable to validate your application because it contains errors, we will send you an email explaining why it has been rejected. You will then be able to reopen the application from the ‘Status’ page, correct it and resubmit it. If your application includes any registered manager or partner applications these will need to have the declaration sections recompleted and be submitted again.

If the errors are in the applications made by registered managers or partners the email we send you will explain this. It is up to you to contact them and tell them that they need to correct their applications. As with errors in the main application, you will need to reopen the main application from the ‘Status page’ and resubmit it. This will then send an email inviting registered managers and partners to recomplete the declaration section and resubmit their applications. While doing this they will be able to correct any errors you have told them about.

If you do not have partners and registered managers, your application will be submitted to CQC when you complete the ‘Declaration’ section.

The registration team

Once validated, applications are sent to the registration team for assessment. How long it takes us to assess and determine your application will depend on a range of factors such as:

  • How well prepared and ready you are
  • Your availability or that of your nominated individual and manager (if you have them) to attend interviews and to facilitate the site visit
  • How quickly you respond to requests from the registration inspector for further information to support your application

If you are well prepared, your service is ready and there are no delays, it should take ten weeks from the date we validate your application to when we send you our decision. This decision may be a notice of decision to register (NoD) or a notice of proposal to refuse (NoP).

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Last updated:
25 July 2017


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