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Accommodation for people who require treatment for substance misuse

  • Organisations we regulate

This regulated activity involves providing people with residential accommodation together with treatment for substance misuse.

Types of service that should be registered for this regulated activity

If you plan to provide a residential substance misuse treatment or rehabilitation service then it is highly likely you will need to register for this regulated activity.

Further guidance

This covers 'residential' accommodation, which is not the same as hospital accommodation, as in detoxification treatment. For this activity to be carried on, the accommodation has to be provided to the same residents 'together with' treatment. This means that this activity does not apply to hospitals that provide detoxification treatments for substance misuse. In such cases, the detoxification being provided in the hospital would be covered under the activity of 'Treatment of a disease, disorder or injury'.

This does not necessarily mean that the treatment must be provided in the same place as the accommodation, it could be on a different site. For example, the treatment may be delivered in a community setting (a day centre or community centre), whereas people may be accommodated in separate facilities geographically. However, the accommodation and the treatment must be linked so that the accommodation is provided because someone requires and accepts treatment.

You do not have to additionally apply to register for the activities of 'personal care' or 'nursing care' if you provide this activity because they would be covered as part of the treatment being provided for the substance misuse. The only exception to this would be if as a provider you also provide personal or nursing care as a separate service (for example a domiciliary care service).

In respect of the regulated activity of 'treatment of disease, disorder or injury', the treatment for substance misuse is covered under the activity of 'accommodation for persons who require treatment for substance misuse'. The service would only have to apply for 'treatment of disease, disorder or injury' if other treatments were provided that are separate from the treatment of substance misuse. For example, this includes detoxification, but if a doctor from the substance misuse team treated a medical condition unrelated to the substance misuse, or was treating an eating disorder, or if a nurse was managing a holistic care plan for a dual diagnosis patient and administering treatment for both mental illness and for substance misuse, then the provider would also have to register for 'treatment of disease, disorder or injury'.

'Treatment' in this regulated activity would cover a range of recognised treatment interventions, such as managed withdrawal or detoxification or a structured psychosocial treatment programme. These types of treatment will always trigger the need for registration for this regulated activity if they are provided together with residential accommodation: this is not limited only to cases where they are provided by healthcare professionals.

Last updated:
05 February 2019