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Requesting a review of ratings

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When can providers challenge our evidence and ratings?

We want to ensure that providers can raise legitimate concerns about the evidence we have used and the way we apply our ratings process, and have a fair and open way for resolving them.

The following routes are open to providers to challenge our judgements.

Before an inspection report is published

Factual accuracy check

When providers receive a copy of the draft report (which will include their ratings) they are invited to provide feedback on its factual accuracy. You can challenge the accuracy and completeness of the evidence on which the ratings are based. Any factual accuracy comments that we accept may result in a change to one or more ratings. You have 10 working days to review draft reports for factual accuracy and submit your comments to us.

Warning notice representations

If we serve a warning notice, we give providers the opportunity to make representations about the matters in the notice. The content of the notice will be informed by evidence about the breach which is in the inspection report. As with the factual accuracy check, representations that are upheld and that also have an impact on ratings may result in relevant ratings being amended.

See more information about enforcement action and representations.

After an inspection report is published

Request for a rating review

Providers can ask for a review of ratings after publication of their report.

The only grounds for requesting a review are that the inspector did not follow the process for making ratings decisions and aggregating them.

You cannot request a review solely on the basis that you disagree with the judgements made by CQC.

How can providers request a review of the rating?

Where a provider thinks that we have not followed the published process properly, and wants to request a review of one or more of their ratings, they must complete the request for review webform within 15 working days of the report being published.

There are instructions on how to submit a rating review in our cover letter sent with your final report.

In the request for review form, you must say which rating(s) you want to be reviewed and all relevant grounds. Where we do not uphold a request for review, you cannot submit a subsequent review of the ratings from the same inspection report.

What happens once a request for review is submitted?

We will firstly assess whether the request for a review falls within the permitted grounds as set out in our provider guidance. We will explain on our website that a rating review has been requested.

Your request for review will be dealt with by CQC staff who were not involved in the original inspection and will have access to an independent reviewer.

Once we have reached our final decision we will send you the outcome of the review. Where a rating is changed the report and ratings will be updated on our website as soon as possible. It should be noted that following the conclusion of the review, ratings can go down as well as up.

The review process is the final CQC process for challenging a rating.


Last updated:
26 June 2019