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How will the new regulation be enforced?

  • Organisations we regulate

If we assess that your rating is not displayed legibly and conspicuously, or it has been displayed inaccurately (for example, it does not reflect your most recent ratings or does not contain all the information required) we will discuss this with you. We will tell you why we think it is not meeting the Regulation and ask you to take appropriate action.

It is a legal requirement to display CQC ratings. If appropriate steps are not taken by you, we may take enforcement action, such as (but not limited to) imposing a fixed penalty notice. Examples of when we may take enforcement action include:

  • When the rating is not displayed at all – either online or within your premises.
  • When it is displayed illegibly or inconspicuously and you refuse our request to display it legibly or conspicuously.

Action taken would be in line with our Enforcement policy.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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