Notifications for NHS trusts

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

You must tell us about certain changes, events and incidents that affect your service or the people who use it.

NHS trusts can send most types of notification through the NRLS. There is no need to notify us separately. However, there are some types of notification you must send directly to us.

Notifications of the death or absence of people detained, or liable to be detained, under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) are dealt with under a separate process. Find out more about making Mental Health Act notifications.

Community interest companies (CICs) must notify as independent healthcare providers.


Using the forms we provide ensures you include all of the information that's required by law. We may also ask you to provide extra information that helps us understand what has happened and how you have responded to it. This helps us decide whether you handled the event correctly without having to visit or ask you for more information.

Statutory notification: Change to a statement of purpose

When you notify us of a change to your statement of purpose, you must also send us a revised copy. The easiest way to do this is using our template, which comes in four parts.

Download the statement of purpose template.

Statutory notification: Changes to a provider’s or manager’s registered details

Statutory notification: Absence of a registered individual for 28 days or more

Statutory notification: Return of a registered manager or registered partner from an absence of 28 or more days

Statutory notification: Application to deprive a person of their liberty and its outcome