Events that stop a service running safely and properly – notification form

Page last updated: 7 November 2023
Organisations we regulate
You must send your notification by email or submit it online

When and how to tell us about infrastructure, equipment, premises or other problems that stop or may stop you running the service safely.

You must notify us if:

  • you cannot meet people's assessed needs safely, for example, due to staff absence or damage to premises, or
  • a utility, fire alarm, call systems or other safety equipment fails for more than 24 hours.

You must notify us as soon as possible.

NHS trusts: report infrastructure problems through NRLS or LFPSE. They do not need to notify us separately.

How to notify us

There are 3 ways you can tell us about an event that stops you running a service safely.

Use our existing provider portal

If you already have an account you can notify us online through the CQC provider portal.

Log in to notify us using the existing CQC provider portal

Notify us online: new CQC portal

If we have invited you to use our new system, you can use the online notification form. See your invitation email 'New CQC portal: sign up today' to find out how to log in and notify us.

Email a Word form

Your notification

Your acknowledgement number may be different to what you expect. As we upgrade our systems you will receive either an ENQ reference number, notification ID, or case ID. Any of these numbers will identify your notification.