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Provider information request (PIR): NHS trusts

  • Organisations we regulate

We will send a provider information request (PIR) to your trust's nominated individual approximately once a year. You have three weeks in which to return the information and any supporting documents through our online portal.

The PIR is currently in document format. When our new digital solution is active, we will email a link to your online PIR.

The PIR has two parts, which we send to you at the same time:

  1. Trust level request. This is the main request, which asks you to tell us about the quality of your services against the five key questions. This includes any changes in quality or activity since your last inspection. We will also ask you to use the key lines of enquiry for the well-led key question to tell us about your trust’s leadership, governance and organisational culture. This will support our assessment of well-led for the trust.
  2. Sector request. This asks you to report on a limited number of key information items for core services that your trust provides. There are different requests for different sectors, for example community or acute. It is a much shorter list of questions to gather key information that is not available through other national data collections.

The PIR is our only standardised collection for NHS trusts and is significantly smaller than those used before June 2017. However, we may need to ask you for other specific information as well as the PIR. For example, we may need extra information to clarify queries during an inspection. We will keep track of these extra requests to limit duplication and to make sure that we only request information that we need, which is not available elsewhere.

As other national collections develop, we will update our own systems. For example, if we can access specific information from a national collection it will be removed from the PIR.

We will also develop an online system to collect information from providers. This will help to reduce repeat requests and improve how we share PIR information with other relevant partners. For example, NHS Improvement can use the information to help identify support needs under its Single Oversight Framework.

If we make any changes to the PIR, we will always work with providers and other organisations to ensure that they are beneficial. Provider information collections from complex providers that operate across more than one sector will be coordinated to ensure that the information we ask for reflects all services provided and that it helps us to understand any changes the provider proposes to make.

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Last updated:
21 October 2020