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Factual accuracy check: use of resources assessments (NHS trusts only)

  • Organisations we regulate

For some non-specialist NHS acute trusts, the draft inspection report includes the findings of NHS Improvement’s use of resources assessment, and a proposed use of resources rating.

If a trust challenges the evidence in the inspection report relating to the use of resources assessment, we will refer these comments to the NHS Improvement assessment team. NHS Improvement will work with us to review the evidence in light of the comments.

NHS Improvement will review and respond to factual accuracy comments from trusts. They will follow a process and timeline consistent to our own.

A member of staff from NHS Improvement will review all factual accuracy comments relating to use of resources findings. This person will be authorised to sign off use of resources reports. This member of staff will be independent of the original use of resources assessment and site visit.

We will send the trust the response to factual accuracy comments as part of our response to comments for the full inspection report.

Changes to the findings on use of resources as a result of factual accuracy comments may result in a change to the use of resources rating.

Last updated:
05 April 2019