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Mental Health Act

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  • Mental health community services,
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Our job is to check that patients' basic human rights are maintained while they are being cared for or treated under the Mental Health Act.

Find out about your rights under the Mental Health Act

Find out what to expect if you are detained for assessment or treatment in hospital, or if you have been given a community treatment order (CTO).

Complain about the use of the Mental Health Act

If you are unhappy with the use of powers or how duties have been carried out under the Mental Health Act , you can make a complaint to us and we will investigate.

Second opinion appointed doctors (SOADs)

Find out about second opinion appointed doctors, how to request a visit from one or how to apply to become one.

Mental Health Act Reviewers

Mental Health Act reviewers make sure that the powers of the Mental Health Act are used properly. Find out more about their work.

Last updated:
16 July 2021