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Taking action to keep people safe

  • Organisations we regulate

For all services, your inspector will continue to keep an eye on things and check in with you to offer support. However, we also need to be able to take action to keep people safe and to protect people’s human rights.

The information we gather during a call will help us form a view about how you are coping during the pandemic. We will add this to our records to support our regulatory planning during and beyond the pandemic.

From this, we assess whether a service is either:

  • managing, or
  • needs support.

Our main aim is to support providers at an exceptionally difficult time. But we may receive information, either from an external source or through our conversation, that results in serious concerns about actual or possible avoidable significant harm, abuse, or breaches of human rights. In this case, we will assess the risks involved and decide to either:

  • provide additional sources of support
  • arrange a follow-up call
  • use inspection and enforcement processes

If we decide to inspect, we will follow our existing approaches and processes tailored to the individual sector. This means a focused inspection for hospitals and primary medical services, and a targeted inspection for adult social care services.

Where we find unsafe or poor care, we will use our powers or work with a system partner to take action to make sure that risks to people are reduced.


In exceptional circumstances, we can still use enforcement processes, and we will follow them when needed. We will carefully assess whether we need to take any regulatory action at this particularly difficult time. Panels will review any proposals to take enforcement action and our Chief Inspectors will make final decisions.

Last updated:
01 June 2020