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Transitional monitoring approach: what to expect

  • Organisations we regulate

As the risks from the coronavirus pandemic change, we’re evolving our approach to regulating.

We’re adapting and developing our methods by using a transitional approach to monitoring services. This focuses on safety, how effectively a service is led and how easily people can access the service.

It includes:

  • a strengthened approach to monitoring, based on specific existing key lines of enquiry (KLOEs), so we can continually monitor risk in a service
  • using technology and our local relationships to have better direct contact with people who are using services, their families and staff in services
  • targeting inspection activity where we have concerns

After reviewing information that we have about your service, we will have a conversation with you either online or by telephone This is not an inspection and we do not rate services following a call.

This call will help us to decide whether we need to take further regulatory action at this time, for example an inspection.

Last updated:
01 October 2020