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Gathering and recording information from you

  • Organisations we regulate

When we have considered all the information we have about your service we will arrange a call with you.

How we will call you

Our calls may take an hour or two, although some will be shorter. Where we can, we will call you using Microsoft Teams. Any service with a computer and internet connection can join a Teams call. Inspectors will email you an invitation for the agreed date and time, which includes a link for joining the call. If you can’t use Teams, we can telephone you instead.

What the call will cover

Our inspector will focus the call around the specific key lines of enquiry for your type of service. We will publish these so you can look at them beforehand.

During the call, our inspector will note details of:

  • the discussion around the questions raised within the key lines of enquiry
  • specific risks identified
  • examples of good practice and improvements to the service.

We will not make an audio recording of the calls apart from in exceptional cases. If we think a recording is necessary, we will obtain your consent at the start. We do not expect you to record the call.

After the call, our inspector will prepare an overall monitoring summary of their findings.

Requests for evidence

During the call, our inspector may need to ask for evidence about specific issues. They can ask you to ‘share your screen’ during a call or to send an email attachment. We will only do this where it is necessary.

If you need to send evidence as an email attachment, it should be encrypted or protected with a password. We will explain how to do this. If you cannot send it during the call, you must send it to the inspector within 24 hours of the call.

Last updated:
01 October 2020