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Gathering and recording information

  • Organisations we regulate

During the conversations with you, inspectors will make a note of the details of:

  • the discussion around the four key areas
  • the challenges and stresses for your service, and for the wider local care system
  • any examples of good practice and innovative ways of responding to challenges that you tell us about.

As our conversation is not a regulatory process, we will not make an audio recording of the calls.

In exceptional cases an inspector may need to ask for evidence about specific risks and issues. To do this, they can ask you to ‘share your screen’ during a call or ask you to send an email attachment. We will only do this where absolutely necessary. We want to develop a positive relationship between you and your inspector, and to reduce pressure for you rather than add to it.

Summary record

We will send you an email with a summary of our conversation as a record, which will be attached to the email in a PDF format. This will list:

  • the short questions we asked and the appropriate standard wording that reflects your answer
  • a summary of the specific internal and external risks and challenges that we discussed
  • any sources of support that we suggested
  • a short summary of whether the service is ‘managing’ or ‘needs support’.

We will also include details of any innovative ways you may have developed to manage the situation.

We emphasise that this emergency process is not an inspection, the summary record is not an inspection report, and there is no rating as a result. This means that usual steps such as the factual accuracy process do not apply.

We will not publish summary records on our website.

Last updated:
01 June 2020