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Supporting people to live healthier lives (healthcare services)

  • Organisations we regulate

E5. How are people supported to live healthier lives and, where the service is responsible, how does it improve the health of its population?

E5.1 Are people identified who may need extra support? This includes:

  • people in the last 12 months of their lives
  • people at risk of developing a long-term condition
  • carers

E5.2 How are people involved in regularly monitoring their health, including health assessments and checks, where appropriate and necessary?

E5.3 Are people who use services empowered and supported to manage their own health, care and wellbeing and to maximise their independence?

E5.4 Where abnormalities or risk factors are identified that may require additional support or intervention, are changes to people’s care or treatment discussed and followed up between staff, people and their carers where necessary?

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E5.5 How are national priorities to improve the population's health supported? (For example, smoking cessation, obesity, drug and alcohol dependency, dementia and cancer.)

Last updated:
13 October 2017