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Kindness, respect and compassion: good

  • Organisations we regulate

C1. How does the service ensure that people are treated with kindness, respect and compassion, and that they are given emotional support when needed?

Characteristics of services we would rate as good in this area

Feedback from people who use the service, those who are close to them and stakeholders is positive about the way staff treat people. People are treated with dignity, respect and kindness during all interactions with staff and relationships with staff are positive. People feel supported and say staff care about them.

Staff respond compassionately when people need help and they support them to meet their basic personal needs as and when required. They anticipate people's needs.

Staff support people and those close to them to manage their emotional response to their care and treatment. People's personal, cultural, social and religious needs are understood. People are supported to maintain and develop their relationships with those close to them, their social networks and the community.

Last updated:
13 October 2017


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