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Engagement and involvement: outstanding

  • Organisations we regulate

W7. Are the people who use services, the public, staff and external partners engaged and involved to support high-quality sustainable services?

Characteristics of services we would rate as outstanding in this area

There are consistently high levels of constructive engagement with staff and people who use services, including all equality groups. Rigorous and constructive challenge from people who use services, the public and stakeholders is welcomed and seen as a vital way of holding services to account.

Services are developed with the full participation of those who use them, staff and external partners as equal partners. Innovative approaches are used to gather feedback from people who use services and the public, including people in different equality groups, and there is a demonstrated commitment to acting on feedback.

The service takes a leadership role in its health system to identify and proactively address challenges and meet the needs of the population.

Last updated:
13 October 2017


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