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Nigel's surgery 7: Hand washing signs

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Do practices need to have signs to instruct people to wash hands?


CQC does not require laminated hand washing signs at all hand basins. In addition, there is no national guidance that states hand washing signs should be in place above hand basins.

What we would look for in relation to hand hygiene during an inspection is that:

  • there is adequate hand washing facilities available and easily accessible to all staff.
  • practice staff should notify the practice manager of any lack of hand hygiene products (like hand gels, soap or hand towels) or obstruction to ensure that they remain available at all times (and are not obstructed by bins or other equipment).
  • all clinical staff are trained in hand washing techniques.
  • the practice has thought about risks of inadequate hand hygiene and processes are in place to prevent poor hand hygiene.
Last updated:
10 August 2017