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Nigel's surgery 5: Carpets in GP practices

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There have been a lot of questions from practices about whether you can have carpets in the surgery.

Carpets should not be used in treatment and minor surgery rooms. The flooring in clinical areas should be seamless and smooth, slip-resistant, easily cleaned and appropriately wear-resistant. This also applies to all areas where frequent spillage is anticipated. Spillage can occur in all clinical areas, corridors and entrances.

Carpets can be used in areas where the risk of spillage is lower, such as consulting rooms, waiting area, dispensing areas and administrative, storage and meeting rooms.

Where carpets are used in a GP practice, there should be consideration to needs.  This includes having appropriate maintenance and cleaning programmes in place. Carpets, including all edges and corners, should be visibly clean, with no blood and body fluids, dust, dirt, debris or spillages. Floors should have a uniform appearance and an even colour with no stains or watermarks. In the event of spillage, the practice should have the appropriate equipment and protocol in place to clean the affected area.

More information about infection control in the built environment can be found here.

Last updated:
10 August 2017


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