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Nigel's surgery 47: Happy birthday to the tips and mythbusters – one year old!

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I have been writing these tips and mythbusters for a year now.

When I started these articles, I wanted to dispel common myths associated with our general practice inspections and tackle areas of uncertainty in the profession. I also wanted to share best practice on an on-going basis. Fast forward a year later and this has evolved into ‘tips and mythbusters’ and has built up a large portfolio covering a wide range of topics from not only CQC but right across the public sector.

I am pleased that the website has been so popular and that you find these useful and helpful in your day to day work. I am delighted to learn that my page is one of the most viewed pages on our CQC website with around 3,000 hits per week!

I wanted to thank you for your support, without you I would not have made it past mythbuster one. I also want to take this opportunity to reflect briefly on the past year as well as announce some new features coming soon that I hope you will find helpful.

Top 5 ‘tips and mythbusters’ have been:

At number five, Nigel's surgery 8: Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines.

Number four, Nigel's surgery 10: GPs and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

At three, Nigel's surgery 19: Patient Group Directions (PGDs) / Patient Specific Directions (PSDs).

Our runner up is, Nigel's surgery 1: Agreed principles for defibrillators, oxygen and oximeters.

And at number one, Nigel's surgery 2: Who should have a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check?

I wonder what the top 5 will look like next year?

I am very proud that earlier this month we published a web tool with some practical examples of outstanding practice taken from real inspection reports. Together I hope these tools are a useful resource for sharing knowledge and learning. I encourage you take a look to share this with your colleagues:  

Looking forward

Over the coming weeks you will see improvements to this page:

  • A direct link to the provider online community where you can leave suggestions for future topics as well as any comments
  • Categorising the mythbusters into subject areas so they are easier to refer to, as we have received feedback that with the large number of mythbusters it can be difficult to search through them for the right topic.
  • Up and coming mythbusters, including ‘well-led' and 'minor surgery consent procedures'.

A few last thoughts I would like to leave you with:

  • Should we combine the mythbusters and examples of outstanding practice into one section of web pages?
  • Do you think that ‘tips and mythbuster’ is still the right name for this page?

All suggestions are welcome. You can share your feedback and give your comments on our provider online community page You must sign up to our provider online community to access this feedback form.

Last updated:
10 August 2017


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