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GP mythbuster 78: Same gender doctors

  • Organisations we regulate

We are occasionally asked whether we have guidelines about the gender mix of a practice’s GPs. Some practices may only have GPs of one gender.

CQC does not make recommendations on the gender mix of a practice.

If, for example, all of the doctors in the practice were female and a patient requested to see a male doctor, we would want to know what the practice would do to ensure this happened. The practice may, for example:

  • make arrangements with neighbouring practices or signpost patients to them, or
  • employ a locum GP to provide sessions.

However, we would only make this recommendation if patient feedback showed the need for a gender mix.

On our inspections we would consider this under key line of enquiry (KLOE) R1 – are services planned and delivered to meet the needs of people?

Last updated:
29 April 2021