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GP mythbuster 18: Registration and partnerships

  • Organisations we regulate

The area of registration and partnerships is one we often get queries about. It is one we know can be complex to navigate for providers and particularly for GP practices.

We continue to work on our registration approach. We will keep you updated on progress with those improvements.

This mythbuster outlines some key facts around partnerships you should be aware of.

The Health and Social Care Act regulations require us to be assured about the fitness of partners before we can grant registration. The regulations also require this where there are changes to partnerships. To do this, applications to us are needed when:

  • a new partner joins
  • an existing partner leaves
  • when a whole partnership changes.

It is important that if your partner/s do change that you follow the process above. If you don't, you may be in breach of your conditions of registration. Breaches of conditions are an offence. They may trigger enforcement action and appear in your inspection report.

Last updated:
28 April 2021