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GP example: Leadership and culture

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Key question: well-led?

A suburban practice with approximately 14,000 registered patients.

This practice had been accredited with the Royal College of General Practitioners quality practice award in recognition of how they improved patient quality care and outcomes and had demonstrated good practice and organisational and clinical excellence.

The practice had developed an integrated service with the regional oncology centre hospital staff to provide in-house treatment for their own patients and patients from other practices within the community.

Leaders in this practice motivated staff to succeed. There was a staff recognition award held twice a year for three staffing areas: nursing, administration and reception. The recognised member of staff would have their picture taken and was celebrated in the patient newsletters. This was one instance of many that contributed to an extremely cohesive and motivated team.

Read our full inspection report (Concord Medical Centre)

Last updated:
10 August 2017


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