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Updates for providers about coronavirus (COVID-19)

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These are pages we've updated because of the coronavirus pandemic. They're listed in the order in which we've updated them, with the most recent at the top.

Last updated What we changed Original publication date
Regulating coronavirus (COVID-19) testing 27/11/20 22/04/20
Guidance for providers 26/11/20 Added the white label providers news item to right-hand block 01/08/16
Inpatient experience during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 19/11/20 Data added to sidebar -request from Tamatha 06/11/20
CQC reports on the findings of its coronavirus (COVID-19) inpatient experience s... 18/11/20 18/11/20
How care homes managed infection prevention and control during the coronavirus p... 18/11/20 17/11/20
Registration: Flu and COVID-19 vaccination arrangements 18/11/20 30/07/20
Death of a person using the service – notification form 17/11/20 12/04/17
Nigel's surgery 70: Mandatory training considerations in general practice 11/11/20 14/04/16
Infection prevention and control in care homes 03/11/20 05/08/20
Adult social care: information for providers 30/10/20 14/10/17
NHS trusts: information for providers 21/10/20 Updated link to monitoring info 19/05/17
CQC to review use of DNACPR during pandemic 12/10/20 Tweaked headline 12/10/20
Provider information return (PIR): adult social care services 02/10/20 06/10/17
Emergency support framework: what to expect 01/10/20 First sentence about transitional monitoring approach 01/05/20
Transitional monitoring approach: what to expect 01/10/20 25/09/20
Innovation and inspiration: examples of how providers are responding to coronavi... 30/09/20 04/06/20
GPs: information for providers 10/09/20 02/03/17
Dr Kevin Cleary: Protecting people’s safety, equality and rights during the coro... 01/09/20 Update about changes to Mental Health Act (MHA) interim methodology 08/04/20
Provider application: Add a partner 11/08/20 Added email address to send the new forms. 07/08/13
Register as a new provider 28/07/20 Updated link to 'application process'. 17/03/15
Inappropriate use of sedative medicines to enforce social distancing guidelines 09/07/20 Updated link to Mental Capacity Act document. 22/04/20
The Care Act and the ‘easements’ to it 03/07/20 Removed Solihull Council from the list after they notified DHSC they are no longer operating under them. 30/04/20
COVID-19 registrations 22/06/20 Clarified guidance for health care providers already registered 23/03/20
Questions for inspectors on infection prevention and control for NHS acute and m... 22/06/20 19/06/20
Data collection from adult social care providers during the coronavirus pandemic 15/06/20 12/05/20
CQC publishes data on deaths of people with a learning disability 08/06/20 02/06/20
Sharing what we do 01/06/20 01/05/20
Gathering and recording information 01/06/20 01/05/20
Taking action to keep people safe 01/06/20 01/05/20
Using and sharing information 01/06/20 01/05/20
Having open and honest conversations 01/06/20 01/05/20
COVID-19: interim guidance on DBS and other recruitment checks 29/05/20 Added link to Skills for Care guidance on safe and fair recruitment 02/04/20
Death of a detained mental health patient – notification form 28/05/20 Link to provider portal added 02/05/17
Independent healthcare services: information for providers 27/05/20 14/02/17
Working within the Mental Capacity Act during the coronavirus pandemic 26/05/20 Added link to blog on Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) during COVID-19 20/05/20
Care Quality Commission and Association of Directors of Adult Social Care Servi... 20/05/20 20/05/20
Complain about the use of the Mental Health Act 20/05/20 Routine updates 17/02/15
Dentists: information for providers 19/05/20 Added link to current position on dental care services regarding COVID-19 updates. 02/03/17
Understanding the impact of coronavirus on autistic people and people with a lea... 18/05/20 14/05/20
Nigel's surgery 97: Responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) 13/05/20 Updated page to include link to Mythbuster 70 - mandatory training 08/04/20
Second opinion appointed doctors (SOADs) 13/05/20 Changed link to SOAD form. Requested by Craig Jennings. 02/06/11
Medicine support care plans - making adjustments during the coronavirus (COVID-1... 12/05/20 New guidance on making reasonable adjustments for medicine support care plans during the pandemic. 12/05/20
Medicines disposal during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 12/05/20 Updated guidance on disposing of medicines during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 12/05/20
COVID-19: medicines information for adult social care providers 12/05/20 Updated guidance on disposal of medicines during the pandemic. 07/04/20
CQC has made changes to Mental Health Act complaints process 11/05/20 11/05/20
Sending us payments or invoices during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 11/05/20 Updated the link to our general enquiries contact form. 17/03/20
Our concerns about mental health, learning disability and autism services 11/05/20 Added a link to the email sent to providers of mental health services 07/05/20
Transparency Statement: Publication of deaths of people detained under the Menta... 07/05/20 07/05/20
Joint statement from Care Quality Commission, General Medical Council and Health... 06/05/20 06/05/20
How CQC is supporting testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the adult care secto... 05/05/20 05/05/20

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06 August 2020