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Medicine support care plans - making adjustments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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All providers of publicly-funded adult social care must meet the Accessible Information Standard.

NICE guidance says that care staff should involve people in decisions about their treatment and care. People should get the support they need to help them to take a full part in making decisions.

Supporting residents to make informed decisions and recording these decisions

Sharing information about a person's medicines

Care staff should identify issues that make it difficult for people to receive or communicate information. Staff should consider these issues when seeking informed consent and make suitable adjustments.

Providers should consider any changes put in place, including during the coronavirus pandemic. These could include:

  • adjustments needed because staff are using personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, wearing a face mask means a hearing-impaired person (or Deaf British Sign Language user) is unable to lip-read
  • using the telephone, IT or other methods of virtual communication that some people may find difficult to use
  • providing remote Registered Interpreter access to video link for British Sign Language users

Staff should record any adjustments a person needs to communicate in the person’s medicines support care plan. This should be regularly reviewed and updated.

Last updated:
12 May 2020