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The inspection report: adult social care services

  • Organisations we regulate

After each inspection, we publish an inspection report on our website.

The report is written by the lead inspector. We describe the good and outstanding practice we find, as well as any concerns we have. Our reports focus on our findings about the key questions we have inspected and what this means for the people who use the service.

Our reports include:

  • contextual information about the service and the inspection
  • a description of the inspection team’s findings
  • ratings for each key question inspected and the overall rating given
  • evidence about any breaches of the regulations, the action we told the provider to take, and any enforcement activity that we have taken
  • recommendations we made to the provider about improvements to their service
  • a summary section for the provider to share with each person using their service, their family and carers, and staff.

Where needed we also prepare easy read report summaries to meet the needs of people with a learning disability.

Last updated:
29 June 2018