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Engagement and involvement

  • Organisations we regulate

W3. How are the people who use the service, the public and staff engaged and involved?

W3.1 How are staff actively involved in developing the service? Are they encouraged to be involved in considering and proposing new ways of working, including ways of putting values into practice?

W3.2 Are there strong links with the local community? How has the service strengthened relationships beyond the key organisations?

W3.3 How are staff supported to question practice and how are people who raise concerns, including whistleblowers, supported and protected?

W3.4 How does the service enable and encourage accessible open communication with all people who use the service, their family, friends, other carers, staff and other stakeholders, taking account of their protected and other characteristics?

W3.5 How are people's views and experiences gathered and acted on to shape and improve the services and culture?

Last updated:
22 January 2020


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