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CQC Insight: adult social care services

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We use CQC Insight to monitor potential changes to the quality of care. CQC Insight brings together the information we hold about services in one place, and analyses it.

This helps us to decide what, where and when to inspect and provides analysis to support the evidence in our inspection reports.

Changes in the quality of care

Our inspectors will check CQC Insight regularly. If it suggests that the quality of care in a service has improved or declined, we may follow this up between inspections or ask providers to give us further information or explain the reasons for this change. We may also decide to re-inspect that service. If there are significant concerns, we may carry out a focused inspection or bring forward a comprehensive inspection.

What CQC Insight shows us

CQC Insight gives inspectors:

  • Facts and figures: contextual and descriptive information about services including registration details.
  • Ratings: current and historical ratings indicating performance over time.
  • Registered managers: a history of the registered managers at the service and their length of absence where applicable.
  • Performance monitoring indicators: a service’s performance compared with comparable services based on a range of different data sources.

We will coordinate our monitoring activities for complex providers that operate across sectors and, where possible, combine information about each of their services within our CQC Insight model.

Sources of information

CQC Insight for adult social care services analyses information from a range of sources. These include statutory notifications, safeguarding incidents and staffing information, as well as information we receive from people who use services, the public and other external data sources, such as Skills for Care and Food Hygiene Rating Scores. When new data becomes available we will refresh the data in CQC Insight as soon as possible.

Last updated:
02 October 2020