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Concerns and complaints

  • Organisations we regulate

R2. How are people's concerns and complaints listened and responded to and used to improve the quality of care?

R2.1 How well do people who use the service know how to make a complaint or raise concerns and how comfortable do they feel doing so in their own way? How well are people encouraged to do so, and how confident are they to speak up?

R2.2 How easy and accessible is it for people to use the complaints process or raise a concern? To what extent are people treated compassionately and given the help and support they need to make a complaint?

R2.3 How effectively are complaints handled, including ensuring openness and transparency, confidentiality, regular updates for the complainant, a timely response and explanation of the outcome, and a formal record?

R2.4 How are people who raise concerns or complaints protected from discrimination, harassment or disadvantage?

R2.5 To what extent are concerns and complaints used as an opportunity to learn and drive continuous improvement?

Last updated:
22 January 2020


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