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Medvivo: out-of-hours GP service developing alternatives to hospital admission

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Fox Talbot House (locally known as Medvivo) has used proactive and collaborative methods to ensure their services improved the patient experience.

Medvivo Services provides a GP and nurse practitioner Out of Hours (OOH) services to approximately 486,000 people across Wiltshire. The team comprises 112 GPs, 23 nurses, 6 pharmacists, other clinicians and administrators. Paramedics carry out some home visits over bank holidays so more patients can be seen.

Medvivo worked with others to develop services that supported alternatives to hospital admission and keep patient centred care at the heart of the organisation. They demonstrated several areas of outstanding service to provide patient-centred care.

Lift and assist

They work with the local ambulance service to provide a service to support patients that have fallen. These patients are not injured but need help as they could not get up independently. Over 6 months, responders managed 90% of the calls for this service without needing any other intervention.

Urgent Care @ Home

They developed an innovative service in partnership with Wiltshire CCG and Wiltshire Council. Urgent Care @ Home ensures that patients suffering a health or social care crisis are actively supported in their own homes for up to 72 hours whilst the need for future support is assessed and arranged. This avoids inappropriate admissions to hospital or results in a quicker discharge from hospital. The service has supported over 2,000 patients.

Patient voice

Patients were treated with compassion, dignity and respect and were involved in their care and decisions about their treatment. Medvivo organises public listening events so patients can shape the delivery of the care they receive. They also provide clear information about making complaints and made improvements to the quality of care based on the complaints and concerns received.

Ben Lloyd, Managing Director, Medvivo said:

“Everyone across the business prides themselves on delivering the highest quality care and we are extremely proud to receive this outstanding rating. It is a great testament to the dedication, commitment and hard work of everyone who works here”.

Jo Cullen, Director of Urgent Care Wilshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) added:

“Commissioning services from Medvivo Group is a true partnership arrangement. As an organisation they are always willing to offer innovative and successful solutions to support the people of Wiltshire to receive modern and effective health care in the most appropriate settings”


Last updated:
25 August 2017


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