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CQC warns Mr David Hetherington Messenger that he must make improvements

17 January 2014
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17 January 2014

When the Care Quality Commission visited The Burkitt Care Centre unannounced on 28 November and 2 December 2013, we found that the service was failing to meet the national standards that people should be able to expect.

As a result, CQC has issued formal warnings to the registered provider, telling them that they must improve in the following areas by 20 January 2014.

  • Regulation 9, (Outcome 4): Care and welfare of people who use services. The provider was failing to ensure people were protected against the risks of receiving inappropriate or unsafe care or treatment by not planning and not delivering care and treatment in such a way to meet people’s individual needs, ensure their welfare and safety and by not reflecting published research evidence and guidance.
  • Regulation 12 (Outcome 8): Cleanliness and infection control The provider was failing to ensure people, staff and others were protected against risks of exposure to a healthcare associated infection by not operating systems designed to assess the risk, and by not maintaining appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene in relation to the premises, equipment and reusable medical devices.
  • Regulation 23 (Outcome 14): Supporting workers The provider was failing to have suitable arrangements in place to ensure that staff received appropriate training to enable them to deliver care and treatment to people safely and to an appropriate standard.
  • Regulation 10 (Outcome 16): Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision The provider was failing to regularly assess and monitor the quality of the services provided, identify, assess and manage risks relating to the health, welfare and safety of people and others. The provider was failing to have regard to reports prepared by the Care Quality Commission relating to the provider’s compliance with regulations 9 to 24.

CQC inspectors will return unannounced in due course to check whether the required improvements have been made. For more details of the findings from the inspection in November and December 2013. Read the full report here.

If the required improvements are not made within the set timescale, CQC has a range of enforcement powers which include restricting the services that a provider can offer, or, in the most serious cases, suspending or cancelling a service. CQC can also issue financial penalty notices and cautions, or prosecute the provider for failing to meet national standards.