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CQC acts to protect the safety and welfare of residents in two Bradford nursing homes

18 January 2012
Embrace Lifestyles (B) Limited
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The Care Quality Commission is taking action to protect the safety and welfare of people living in two separate nursing homes in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

CQC has issued three warning notices requiring improvements at Rookwood Nursing Home, 4 Victor Road, and one notice requesting improvements at Oakhurst Nursing Home, 2 Oak Mount, Manningham.

These warnings follow recent visits to each home by CQC inspectors who found that the registered provider European Care (B) Lifestyles Limited was failing to meet the government’s essential standards of quality and safety at both locations.

In reports published this week, CQC identify a series of concerns, including:

Respecting people’s rights

Inspectors found that people living in both homes did not have their privacy and dignity respected. There was a lack of basic provision such as hot running water in some bedrooms and bathrooms, and poor standards of hygiene and cleaning throughout the premises.

Care and welfare

Care plans for people living at Oakhurst were basic and lacking in sufficient detail. Inspectors saw that plans for residents with diabetes did not include any details of how the condition affected the individuals concerned, or what their normal blood sugar levels were.

At Rookwood people were not being supported to meet their own personal hygiene needs when required.

Safeguarding people from abuse

Staff at both homes were unclear as to the correct procedures involved in reporting incidents, and were failing to recognise where people living in the homes were being put at risk.

At Rookwood issues such as poor standards of infection control, badly maintained premises and inadequate fire precautions raised specific concerns about the lack of safety for people living there.

CQC made an immediate safeguarding referral to Bradford City Council safeguarding team as a result of these inspections.


There was very little engagement between staff and people living in the homes. Inspectors did not see any information as to how staffing levels, staff development or staff skill mix were organised to ensure that people at each home received the support they needed.

Cleanliness and infection control

Inspectors found that many areas of both homes were extremely dirty. Poor standards of hygiene as well as a lack of infection control measures indicated a clear risk to residents at both locations.

Safety and suitability of premises

Inspectors raised concerns over fire safety at Rookwood. There was evidence that residents were smoking in several bedrooms and in communal areas of the home where smoking is not permitted. Insufficient fire safety measures were in place and CQC alerted Bradford Fire Safety team as a direct result of their visit.

At Oakhurst Inspectors found three rooms where the hot water was running at over 50 degrees Celsius posing a high risk of scalding and radiators in some bedrooms were not working or barely warm. The ground floor bathroom smelled of cigarette smoke and the paint was flaking off the windowsill.

In total, the provider European Care (B) Lifestyles Limited is failing to comply with six standards at Oakhurst Nursing Home and seven standards at Rookwood Nursing Home.

Jo Dent, Regional Director of CQC in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, said:

"The standards of care we found when we visited Oakhurst and Rookwood were worrying. The welfare and safety of people living in both homes are paramount, and we have been working with the provider and Bradford Council to ensure that no-one in either home is at risk of immediate harm.

“We have told the European Care (B) Lifestyles Limited to provide us with an action plan showing how they will comply with the standards and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

“Our inspectors will return to both locations in the near future to check that improvements have been made. If we find that the company is not making the required progress we won’t hesitate to use our legal powers to protect the people who live there."


For further information please contact the CQC press office on 0207 448 9401 or out of hours on 07917 232 143.

Notes to editors

CQC has issued warning notices to European Care (B) Lifestyles Limited requiring action to meet:

Oakhurst Nursing Home

Regulation 15 Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, Safety and suitability of premises

Rookwood Nursing Home

Regulation 9 Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, Care and welfare of people who use services

Regulation 12 Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, Cleanliness and infection control

Regulation 15 Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, Safety and suitability of premises

If the required improvements are not made, CQC has a range of enforcement powers which include restricting the services that a provider can offer, or, in the most serious cases, suspending or cancelling a service. CQC can also issue financial penalty notices and cautions or prosecute the provider for failing to meet essential standards. Any regulatory decision that CQC takes is open to challenge by a registered person through a variety of internal and external appeal processes.