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Digital Publishing Tool: FAQs

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the tool below...

I need to add a regulation but I can’t find it in the drop-down on the compliance and enforcement sections?

If your template does not include the latest regulation (2014) this could be because the template was created before these were introduced. To get the latest regulations simply click the ‘Update regulations’ button available on the toolbar when you are in either the ‘Compliance’ or ‘Enforcement’ sections and this will import the latest regulations into your template.

I am missing a template in my dashboard, how do I get templates added?

Your dashboard only displays 10 reports by default, so first confirm that the report is actually missing and that it is not just on the next page of results.

Tip: You can also control how many results are shown on your dashboard using the drop-down, this makes it even easier to find the correct report template.

Additionally you should try searching for the report, simply enter the location ID into the search box and be sure to change the filter drop-down, from title to location ID and click on the show button.

If you still can't find the report then it is either not yet created in the Digital Publisher or it has been created but not assigned to your account.

The operational support team (ROSSOs) is now able to help you with these queries directly; contact details for each region are below.

How can I locate reports that have been shared with me?

There is actually no difference between reports you were originally set up with access to, and those that have been shared with you.

They are all visible on your dashboard - remember your dashboard could have multiple pages depending on how many reports you have access to so be sure to check all pages.

Is it possible to share a report with another inspector?

Yes, simply open the report from your dashboard by clicking ‘Edit’ and then from the report editing screen select the ‘Share’ button. You will be able to search for an inspector using either their name or email address.

I am writing a report for a colleague who is now off sick so they aren't able to share the template with me, how can I get access?

The ROSSOs are now able to share reports that you require access too. Simply contact the relevant ROSSO (details at top of the page) and they can add the report template to your account.

There is something wrong with a report that is now published, can I edit a live report?

If you find an issue with your report whilst the report is scheduled you can cancel the publication, this will put the report back into a 'Draft' status so you can make changes and then schedule the report for publication again.

If the report is already published on the CQC website than you will need to contact the Digital Development team to get the report unlocked so you can make your changes to the report.

You can email the team directly using

I am unable to edit a section of the report?

If you open a report template and you are unable to make any changes it will probably be locked for editing by another inspector. You will be able to see the name of the inspector who has the section locked just above the formatting toolbar.

If you do need to edit that section urgently you can click ‘Force unlock’ to remove them from that section. However any changes that they have not saved will be lost - so we recommend contacting the Inspector first, and asking them to simply come out of that section.

The location/provider name in the template is wrong, am I able to change this?

Yes, however the location and provider names come from CRM so it should already be correct. Before changing, check the location name on the CQC website, if it is different to that in the template then use the 'edit' link to change the name so that it aligns with the name that is shown on the CQC website, as this is always the most up to date.

The loading spinner won't stop so I can't edit or save the section, what do I do?

In the event that the loading spinner won’t stop spinning (i.e. more than 20 seconds) this is probably because your computer has temporarily lost its Internet connection whilst trying to load/save the page.

If this is the case press 'Esc' on your keyboard, and then hit the save button. This will ensure anything that wasn't saved before you lost your connection is saved. If the issue continues then check your Internet connection settings and/or contact Atos.

I am doing a follow up report so I need to remove sections from the template, how do I do this and what am I able to remove?

You are able to remove all of the editable sections of a report. Wherever you see an orange checkbox labeled 'Do not include in report' you can use this to remove the corresponding section from the report.

In the ratings dropdowns you can also set the value to 'Do not include in report' - you should always do this if you did not inspect that particular domain or service.

I have two reports for the same location, is this right?

If you have two reports for the same locations, first confirm that that they are not actually legitimate, for instance one could be a comprehensive report and one a follow-up. The title of the report will include the information required to identify this.

If the two titles are exactly the same than it could be that the template has been created twice incorrectly. If you suspect this is the case contact the Digital Development team using

How do I publish my report?

Once you have completed your report, including incorporating any changes required as a result of reviews/FACAQ etc - you can schedule the report for publication.

From your dashboard simply select the 'Publish' link for the report you wish to publish and follow the on-screen steps. The report will be available on the CQC website on the morning of the date you select here.

Last updated:
09 July 2018


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